Gluten Free and Fabulous ;)

Gluten Free and Fabulous 😉


I have customers, family members, and friends who have celiac disease.  Because of their needs, I’ve worked for about a year developing the gluten free version of my fairytale scones that I sell today.  The feedback that I’ve received about my gf scones has been great :).  One of my customers even wrote me to specifically say, “that’s the best gluten free thing I’ve ever put in my mouth!”  And most recently, a customer shared this:


If you’re interested in ordering gf scones, please contact me directly at BakedFairytales (at)  My prices for gf scones are more because the flour I use (Bob’s Red Mill One to One) is currently significantly more than All Purpose Gold Medal that I normally use.  I choose Bob’s Red Mill because their mix is the best I’ve found and doesn’t let me (or my customers) down :).

I have not been paid by Bob’s Red Mill to recommend their mix; I just really love to use it!